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We pride ourselves on creating products that really matter … matter to people and pets. Check out what our loyal customers are saying … 

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Humans vs Technology

The order was easy to place- no waiting time before placing my order and speaking to a real live person.. Fast delivery!

Vibe Protein Shake

Our sweet 10-year-old Yorker-poo has had the worst smelling dog breath for the past several months. We’ve had her teeth cleaned, brush daily with our vet recommended toothpaste, give her Greenies and had multiple checks with our vet ensuring her overall health is not causing her smelly breath.

We love our Oxyfresh Lemon Mint toothpaste for adults! While recently reordering our toothpaste and Oxyfresh Whole Superfood Vibe, we noticed that Oxyfresh has developed a complete line of pet care — WOO! HOO! We ordered the Water Additive, Dental Spray and Fresh Breath Toothpaste.

Our little Mia not only seems happier— her disgusting smelly breath is GONE! She is a cuddler. Before Oxyfresh Dental Care friends and family were tentative to hold her due to her breath. In just a couple of short weeks, Mia is happily moving from lap to lap for welcome cuddles...and kisses from all who adore her!

Thank you Oxyfresh for your awesome products!


Love it. I am so glad I ordered it. It is totally worth it.

Pet Dental Water Additive

Since I started using this product (it's changed names several times), I have never had to get my dogs'/cats' teeth cleaned! That was 12 years ago!

Fast And Easy To Order....

Have been using your product for years. Works every time, no more sore spots from my dentures.

Ultimate Fresh Breath Kit
Five Stars

Great paste and perfect service.

Pet Shampoo
Pet Shampoo

Started using another kind of shampoo because they have it in gallon size, but my dogs didn't like I am back to this great product. Their fur is so nice & shiny. Just wish you still offered it in gallon size.

Oolitt® Elite Tongue Scraper

I love the tongue scraper, it works so well and cleans my tongue with less effort. Will definitely buy it again!

Lemon Mint!!!

I absolutely LOVE the fresh breath Lemon Mint mouthwash!!!! My dentist recommended that I try this brand of mouthwash 6 years ago. I have been happily using it daily and no more bad breath! I recommend it to everyone!

Oolitt® Elite Tongue Scraper
Happy Customer

Awesome: product and customer service.

Excellent Customer Service

Great products, great service, highly recommended 👍

Pet Dental Water Additive
Hoping For Good Results!

I have 2 Yorkies and they HATE to have their teeth brushed! It's impossible for one person to do it. We've been using the Oxyfresh Pet Additive off and on for a couple years but one of our Yorkies is aging and his teeth are getting bad. Hoping that using this regularly will make a difference.

Fresh Breathe All Day

Confident that my breathe stays fresh all day with Oxyfresh mouthwash.

Pet Dental Water Additive
Great Product

Cost is more reasonable than the Vet’s brand and after his dental cleaning his teeth have remained free of plaque.

Pet Dental Water Additive

Always top quality and timely shipping

Bye Bye Burn!

I love the flavor of this mouthwash, it’s strong enough to wipe out odors but subtle enough to use just a few minutes before a meal. No more breathing fire just to freshen your breath!

Best Toothpaste and Service Ever

Toothpaste has a refreshing taste and non abrasive. Perfect for all teeth and love the lemon mint flavor.

Cleansing Gelé
Cleansing Gele

I use this product to clean my bird's house and do not gave to worry about harmful effects.

Oxyfresh Is Great!

I won't use any toothpaste except Oxyfresh. I've been using it for years now ever since my dentist recommended. I use the Dental Gel and the mouthwash too and don't think I could live without the Dental Gel. Love all your products.

My teeth and mouth are feeling so fresh and clean.

Great Products & Great Service

Great products & wonderful service!

Love The Product

Love the toothpaste and mouthwash ! The pro formula is great !

Excellent Service, Shipping and Dental Results

Since my dentist recommended Oxyfresh to me about two years ago to prevent halitosis, I have used the Maximum Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Toothpaste and the Fresh Breath Fresh Mint Mouthwash twice a day with fantastic results. No more halitosis and dental checkups have shown no issues with decay and less plaque. I am extremely pleased with these products and have passed this experience on to my family and friends. I realize regular toothpaste is cheap by comparison but it's definitely worth the price up front to NOT have dental bills! And one only has to use a small amount of this toothpaste to be effective.
Thank you Oxyfresh!

I Was Skeptical But This Works!!!

I popped into Costco a few weeks ago and this product was being advertised. I met 2 super nice guys and started talking to them about the product. I explained "I'm pretty skeptical about products that say they can do amazing things.....". but they kept telling me about how it worked and it was all natural, etc. I finally agreed to purchase it and I'm happy I did! I have 2 German shorthairs and one of them is 11 years old and doesn't like bones to chew on, so plaque builds up. I had her teeth cleaned once but knew she needed it again, and I'm hesitant to put her under anesthesia at this age. I started using the product and after about 3 weeks now, her plaque on her teeth is dissolving! I am amazed! I have never written a review for a product before but am willing to affirm this product. I have high standards as I am a nurse and things have to be proven to work for me before I try them out. Plus who wants our pets to ingest any more chemicals than needed? And now she has fresher breath, not totally clean smell but we still have tartar and plaque build up, but I'm giving this 5 stars and have a whole other bottle to work thru, i will be reordering when needed again. Thanks

Have ordered from Oxyfresh for years! They remain top notch. So easy to order and the turn around is super fast! I continue to order as they are so reliable. I know i'm going to get my products right and i'm going to get when promised. Two thumbs up!!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Oxyfresh has complete confidence in the excellence of its products.

That’s why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee (minus the cost of shipping) within 30 days of purchase if you’re not happy.