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Oolitt® Tongue Scraper

Flexible Tongue Cleaner
Add to your daily routine for fresh breath that lasts
Flexible design makes tongue scraping easier than ever! Start with the scraper before your normal routine for all-day fresh breath and maximum breath control.

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Tongue cleaning is gaining popularity and respect among dental professionals worldwide. Research has shown the tongue to be an overwhelming source of bad breath. The tongue is covered in deep fissures that easily harbor disease and odor-causing bacteria known as volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs).

This tongue cleaner is uniquely designed to provide dual action and double the effectiveness over brushing alone. Its patented design has been rated by Clinical Research Associates (CRA) as one of the best cleaners in the dental industry.


  • FRESHER breath
  • FLAT for easy storage
  • BENDABLE so it fits everyone’s tongue size


Oxyfresh - Eliminate Bad Breath - Oolitt Tongue Scraper Reviews


The wide band allows for perfect chairside instruction directly on the patient. The plaque and stained debris on the tongue is easily visible and powerfully demonstrates to the patient what can be missed when not using a tongue cleaner. The patient will not leave the office without one for every family member after patient education like this!


Oxyfresh dental professionals have turned to our proprietary and patented formulas for safe and effective dental oral care, and that’s made us a trusted industry leader. With Oxyfresh, people with halitosis or chronic bad breath have a proven system that gives the exceptional home care experience they need and want.


Hold the Oolitt® firmly at both ends and bend into a ’U’ with the ripple edge toward the extended tongue. Gently sweep from back to front and rinse debris. Repeat 2-3 times and rinse mouth. Use twice daily before brushing teeth.


Fresh Breath in 3 Steps - Step 1 - Scrape
Fresh Breath in 3 Steps - Step 2 - Brush
Fresh Breath in 3 Steps - Step 3 - Rinse

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Oolitt Tongue Scraper

I absolutely love this product. I have used it for years and nothing compares to it! Just sorry I can only give 5 stars!

Another great on-line shopping experience

My new Oolitt® Tongue Scrapers arrived when expected and deliver the excellent cleansing I have come to expect. Great product and excellent experience with the on-line shopping. Thanks.

Best tongue scraper ever

This is the best tongue scraper available.

Tongue cleaner

I tried many other products, but this is the best. My family and friends love it! Thank you for making the great product.


Excellent service and products.

Best Tongue Scraper Ever!

This is my favorite tongue scraper! I first received one at a dentist office and I am so glad I was able to find it online and buy more. It makes my tongue feel so clean and it’s so easy to clean the tongue scraper itself. Love it!

Oolitt Tongue Scraper

There is simply no better way to scrape a tongue. I have used these for many years and tried others. The others just don't work as well and aren't as easy to use. These are the BEST!

Excellent Customer Service - even to the UK !

My dentist in the UK no longer stocked this little gem of a tongue scraper which I had been using for over 5 years. I hunted elsewhere in the UK with no joy. Finally decided to contact Oxyfresh via email asking if they supply to individuals in the UK. Customer Service responded very promptly with very helpful instructions and I ordered the product. I was kept fully informed on progress and the product arrived as advised. A very happy customer - thank you!

The Best

My hygienist had given me this awesome little gem and then we moved out of state. I needed to buy more so found on the Oxyfresh website and ordered them. These are the best for cleaning your tongue.


Can't find a better tongue scraper!

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