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Oolitt® Elite Tongue Scraper

Best Tongue Cleaner
Secret weapon to help remove bacteria
We don’t call it "Elite" for nothing. It's 75% more effective at removing odors than brushing alone. For maximum breath control, apply our Pro Relief or Fluoride Super Relief Dental Gel to the rippled edge.

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Tongue cleaning is gaining popularity and respect among dental professionals worldwide. Research has shown the tongue to be an overwhelming source of bad breath. The tongue is covered in deep fissures that easily harbor disease and odor-causing bacteria known as volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs).

Our Oolitt® Elite tongue scraper is clinically proven to be the #1 brand in the dental market. A patented, ripple edge has been carefully designed to ensure maximum comfort and function. It's convenient, safe, effective and easy to use. Ideal for anyone who wants a healthy, clean smile and longer lasting fresh breath.


  • IT WORKS - 75% more effective at removing odors than brushing alone.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE - For excellent grip and maneuvering
  • DOUBLE BLADE - For a mega reach to effectively remove bad breath causing bacteria.


Oxyfresh - Eliminate Bad Breath - Oolitt Elite Tongue Scraper Reviews


The wide band allows for perfect chairside instruction directly on the patient. The plaque and stained debris on the tongue is easily visible and powerfully demonstrates to the patient what can be missed when not using a tongue cleaner. The patient will not leave the office without one for every family member after patient education like this!


Oxyfresh dental professionals have turned to our proprietary and patented formulas for safe and effective dental oral care, and that’s made us a trusted industry leader. With Oxyfresh, people with halitosis or chronic bad breath have a proven system that gives the exceptional home care experience they need and want.


Hold the Oolitt® Elite firmly, then gently sweep from back to front and rinse debris. Repeat 2-3 times and rinse mouth. Use twice daily before brushing teeth.


Fresh Breath in 3 Steps - Step 1 - Scrape
Fresh Breath in 3 Steps - Step 2 - Brush
Fresh Breath in 3 Steps - Step 3 - Rinse

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I love the tongue scraper, it works so well and cleans my tongue with less effort. Will definitely buy it again!

Happy Customer

Awesome: product and customer service.

UK Based User!

You cannot afford not to have these products, oral hygiene is so important and the products by oxyfresh are unbeatable. The delivery and ordering process was amazingly simple considering I am outside the US.
Awesome! All round.

Great Product!

I've been using the Oolitt Tongue scraper for years and love it. Works great and makes my mouth feel clean enough to eat off of. LOL They make great gifts too!

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