Cat Care Products

How can you show your furry friend the love they've been giving you? By providing your cat with the best at-home cat care products … proven, vet-recommended products that are truly the cat’s meow for improving their health, happiness and longevity.

5 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Cat

1. Give Your Cat Daily Oral Hygiene

Just like people, cats need daily oral care too! 

By taking care of your cat’s teeth and gums, you’ll keep plaque from building up and causing serious health problems … and expensive vet bills down the road.

And, consider this: when you take care of your cat’s oral hygiene, you can actually extend your pet’s lifespan by 2-4 years.  

Intimidated by the idea of cat tooth brushing? 

No worries. Oxyfresh has a brush-free solution that gives your cat the same benefits of brushing without the hassle.

2. Brush Your Cat

Did you know? Cats spend up to 50% of their waking hours grooming themselves. Brushing your cat each day is a great way to remove loose hair and decrease pesky hairballs that can form in the digestive tract.

If you have a stubborn cat that doesn’t like to be brushed, try breaking out the brush before a meal or snack. That way your cat will associate brushing with something good on the way.

3. Go Easy on the Dry Food

Unlike their friend (or sworn enemy) Dog, your cat can’t tolerate too much dry food. So if you have both a dog and cat, even though it may be tempting to share, keep their food separate.

Dry food can contain a large amount of carbs, which can be bad for cats. Cats can develop type 2 diabetes and obesity from too much dry food. Cats depend on meat as the base of their diets.

4. Let Your Cat Be a Cat

Don’t be fooled … your cat loves you way more than he may let on. Often, cats show their love by turning in their “prize” from a hunt … smack dab by your feet. So whether it’s a toy mouse or (gulp) a real one, embrace your inner thespian and act surprised and happy. Your cat, in return, will show his delight by bumping, purring, or kneading you with his paws.

5. Give Your Cat Oxyfresh

For over 30 years, cat lovers like you have turned to Oxyfresh for all their cat care needs. Our non-toxic, vet-recommended line of cat care products includes cat oral hygiene products, cat grooming products, and other essentials for a happy, healthy cat … and an odor-free home!

What Makes Oxyfresh Cat Care Products Different?

No alcohol in our grooming products 

Oxyfresh pioneered the alcohol-free movement three decades ago. What does this mean for your cat? Unlike store brand grooming products with alcohol that can sting, burn and irritate the skin, Oxyfresh cat care products will always give your cat a gentle and sting-free grooming experience.   

We don’t mask odors … we eliminate them with Oxygene®

While many cat care products contain harsh chemicals and perfumes that simply mask odors, Oxyfresh gets rid of odors completely.

What’s our secret? Oxygene®.

Oxygene® is our patented odor-neutralizing ingredient that you won’t find anywhere else! 

Oxygene® works to quickly eliminate even the toughest cat odors, from bad cat breath to stubborn cat urine smells. More information...

When Oxygene® comes in contact with Volatile Sulfur Compounds (odor-causing molecules), it oxidizes them and converts them into sulfite ions (odor-free).

Oxygene® is safe and non-toxic –  great news for all your family members, whether they have fur or not. Plus, it’s tasteless and odorless, so you can outsmart your finicky feline.


All Oxyfresh cat care products are proudly made in the USA. This gives you confidence and peace of mind in getting only the best for your loyal and loving cat. USA-made also means a reduced carbon footprint. We like the earth like we like our pets: happy.

Oxyfresh Line of Cat Care Products

Pet Oral Hygiene Solution

This is daily cat oral hygiene made easy. No tooth brushing required! Just add 1 capful of this tasteless, odorless solution into your cat’s drinking water. The Oxygene® inside will get rid of bad cat breath while neutralizing harmful plaque-causing bacteria. Vets love this stuff and so will you! More information...

Pet Gel

So versatile, this is a “must” for every cat medicine cabinet. Formulated with healing Aloe vera plus Oxygene®, use Pet Gel as a cat toothpaste or rub directly on the gum line for any abrasions or soreness. Can even be used to soothe and deodorize external wounds. More information...

Pet Ear Cleaner

Cats get ear infections too, which can lead to itching, pain and nasty odors! Cleaning your cat’s ears is the best way to nip this painful problem in the bud. Oxyfresh Pet Ear Cleaner quickly breaks up wax, dirt and debris with no residue left behind. Alcohol-free means no sting or burn, and Oxygene® neutralizes stinky ear odors fast. More information...

Pet Deodorizer

Despite their commitment to keep themselves clean, let’s be honest. Many homes with cats often smell like … homes with cats! Neutralize cat odors completely without blasting your home with toxins. Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer is safe and non-toxic with no harsh chemicals. Use anywhere cat odors are a problem. So gentle, you can even spray directly on your cat. More information...

Pet Shampoo

Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo is alcohol-free for no itch or irritation; pH balanced for a healthy, shiny coat; and free of parabens (preservatives often found in pet shampoos that are linked to skin irritations and allergic reactions). With silk amino acids for added moisture and shine, and Oxygene® to neutralize stinky odors. More information...

Pet Relaxant

Whether it’s travel, trips to the vet, or straight up cat anxiety, now there’s a safe, natural way to help your cat “mellow out.” No tranquilizers or meds to dope up your cat. Pet Relaxant contains all-natural ingredients – St. John’s Wort, Valerian and Chamomile – that work quickly to take the edge off, naturally! More information...

Pet Jerky

Looking for a healthy, high-protein treat that your cat will love? Look no further than Oxyfresh Pet Jerky. It’s made with 100% USDA beef jerky, no artificial flavors or preservatives. Pet Jerky contains 22% protein per serving … most store brand cat treats only have 15% protein. Plus health-enhancing nutraceuticals for joint support. More information...

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